When disaster Strikes, We Strike Back

Our team has an unlimited pool of additional resources to deploy immediately into program to meet construction deadlines for any number of housing units that the program assigns to us. Our base of identified team members is scalable to include additional professional service and construction personnel in a systematic manner providing the best value in the delivery of this program. Lamar Contractors manages multiple construction operations throughout the course of these programs while maintaining the highest safety, quality and customer service standards in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, and grant requirements, making Lamar an efficient Program Management team. 

We are flexible and able to provide a team of experts that will be able to assess, schedule, coordinate and complete all necessary renovations/new construction associated with any Disaster Relief Project. Our Disaster Response success is also attributable to our team’s experience in the Temporary FEMA Housing Project in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina, 2010 Gulf Oil Spill, Louisiana Shelter at Home Program following the Great Flood of 2016, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Disaster Recovery in South Carolina, STEP Program in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and most recently the STEP Program in North Carolina for Hurricane Florence. 


Shortly after Hurricanes Irma & Maria hit the USVI in 2017 our team mobilized to St. Thomas and assisted with the EHRVI STEP Program. Although these are isolated island communities, where logistics could be extremely difficult, we managed to successfully secure a warehouse, materials, lodging, and crews within an expedited time frame. While on St. Thomas, our team provided housing inspections, QC/QA Management, and the construction and completed 3000+ homes. Shortly after getting to St. Thomas, we also mobilized to St. Croix where we completed an additional 800+ homes. In November 2018 we transitioned to the "STEP-R" program where we completed the construction of 100+ permanent roofs. Lamar views this projects as one of our most successful disaster projects, as there were numerous hurdles to overcome we still managed to complete 3800+ homes within 1 year, source materials, and provide lodging and vehicles to 400+ personnel. 

DALHR Program - Houston

Lamar Contractors, LLC was a General Contractor for the City of Houston to perform Residential Construction Repair Services for Disaster Recovery construction Following Hurricane Harvey. Lamar Contractors, LLC assisted Texas GLO with multiple FEMA funded qualified housing repairs with programmatic compliance, streamlining, reporting, and oversight. Lamar’s team was responsible for assisting in creating the Work Write Up for each home by way of initial site visits to each home. Lamar’s scope of services included damage assessments, providing schedules, providing oversight and construction management for each home, Interior Repairs, Exterior Repairs, Electrical Plumbing and HVAC Repairs as well as ADA Related Repairs including installation of ADA Compliant materials and building Handicap Accessible Ramps and Platforms for home that required such. Lamar Contractors provided Case Management coordination with each property owner and his/her family from assignment to construction completion and acceptance.

Puerto Rico STEP Program

Construction manager Lamar Contractors, along with program manager Tidal Basin Caribe executed the FEMA STEP program “Tu Hogar Renace” for the Puerto Rico Department of Housing (PR DOH). The team provided construction management for the largest STEP program in FEMA history, repairing over 200,000 homes. Lamar Contractors was able to put together Management Teams, Inspectors, Quality Control Systems, Subcontractors and Materials Logistics Teams to mobilize in Puerto Rico immediately upon Contract Execution. The team has provided project management staff, source document review, call center performance management, recovery and outreach resources and coordination, process and efficiency development, and reviews to maximize eligible federal reimbursements and delivery effectiveness. These efforts enabled essential repairs to be made to homes across Puerto Rico and surrounding islands. Hurricanes Maria and Irma effected every corner of the island. This effort also includes detailed outreach and communication with state representatives, the media, and local officials.

Shelter at Home Program

As demonstrated by our performance in the Louisiana Shelter At Home Program, Lamar has proven its ability in the Disaster Recovery Construction industry, by completing large scale residential renovations within a limited time frame. Lamar was able to establish a satellite office and qualified administrative staff to effectively support the project. In addition to administrative staff, Lamar was able to establish a bulk material storage warehouse fully stocked with supplies for its subcontractors to utilize at a time when materials were hard to acquire following the disaster. Lamar completed 1249 homes in less than 60 days, however with the organization implemented were capable of handling 3000 plus homes. Each homes task order included case management, inspections, remediation, clean up, demolition, temporary housing requirements, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Final Inspection/Close Out Procedures. 

North Carolina STEP Program

Lamar was one of the contractors that performed construction in the North Carolina STEP- Florence Program. Lamar mobilized with management, administrative staff, inspectors, and subcontractors to North Carolina immediately upon contract execution. Lamar sourced all needed materials for the program and managed warehouse logistics throughout the program, tracking material in and out. We completed construction on 134 homes over the course of two months of construction while abiding by all protocol, which consisted of pulling permits for most portions of construction, which was rare for a STEP Program with the pace in which these programs typically run. 

Haul & Install Program

In 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, Lamar was selected and awarded a contract to install Temporary Housing Units for the residents of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Within one week, Lamar employed over 200 workers and at the peak of the install we were performing over 150 installs per day. Lamar installed a total of 7000 Temporary Housing Units.